Friday, 15 February 2013

Jelly goes bust

Hello Darlings!!

Yay friday is here - let the weekend begin! \o/

Cleavage's Going Bust sale is in full swing, so lets take a look at some more goodies available :oD
Plus Fi*fridays new round begins, which means you can finally get the wicked earrings by Bens beauty Ive been showing for the last couple posts yay!!

Hair - Heart - CandyPloom at Zodiac 
Earrings - Wish - BlackBens beauty at Fi*fridays 
Nose plaster - Face bandaids - Nose - Black Kennedy's 
Mouthy - Valentines day trioBlackeri 
Chest tattoo - Zombie love tatts (Pack of 2) @ SexZink at CleaVage 
Necklace - HesperideLouLou 
Shrugs & bodysuits - Leotards & shrug pack Jelly at CleaVage 
Belt - Chunky belt - BlackPepper 
Gloves (Left pic) - Lace shorty gloves - BlackHollipocket 
Rings - Voyante - Plain Je Suis 
Nails - Perfect long nails - Colourful Mstyle 
Leg tattoo - Fly like an eagle - Fresh Tenjin 
Boots - Skrippa bootsAlterEgo