Saturday, 16 February 2013

Not sayin'

Helloooooooo Lovelies!!!

Well Im not going to go on about it being (officially - its just past midnight here) my birthday, lol, Ill leave that till tomorrow, when its really real!!  :o) . . . . . . .But its mah birthdaaaaaaaay \o/ and I've had a lovely lovely time already!! Dinner out, lots of drinks and plenty of lols - and tomorrows gonna be even better!! Wooo for birthdays!!

Ill just tell you about the super cute 'fit in todays piccy, a gorgeous mesh pants and crop top set, that come in 10 colours each that  can all be mixed and matched. Each pair of pants come with the cute sporty shoes too - saweeeeet!!

Hair - Christina - Blonde @ Action  (Group gift) 
Earrings - Wish - PinkBens beauty at Fi*Fridays 
Piercing - Set AR3Adrenaliyn 
Necklace - Pearls - Colour mixing set - Long Maxi Gossomer 

Top - My sporty shirt - Pink 
Pants/shoes - Sporty mesh pants - Black 
Both @ BoobieLicious 

Arm tattoo - Willow fairy - Fresh 
Belly tattoo - Butterfly party - Faded 
Both @ Tenjin 

Bangles - Mesh hoops bangles  
Rings - Swag girl rings
Both @ Bens beauty 
(These rings might not still be available, as they were released for an event, but go look - its an awesome store)  :o) 
Nails - Long nails - Classic - BlackMstyle
Belly piercing - Emo @  Dirtyland