Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Chained & wound

Hello Girls!!

Happy Wednesday to ya'll!! Before we get to this weeks GFW - which Ill cover in the following post, I want to show you the bargains .wound has out for HTT - or Hello Titty Tuesday (Lol lovin that title) Ik its a day late, but it runs till 26th so theres still plenty of time to get ya hands on the goodies :o)

I also want to show an awesome pair of boots that I found on MP yesterday. Theyre suede effect lovelies, with a hud that changes the suede to 9 colours, and the chains and zippper to 6 metal textures. They are. . . . . . . . . . . OMG such a bargain. . . . . .only 99L!! Seriously I cant tell you how awesome these boots are, you really have to see for yourself. (Ignore the negative reviews on MP-some people are just too stupid, if the hud doesnt show all the textures immediately, just right click your mouse on the hud and they will appear, its a glitch, but such an easy glitch to live with)

I also discovered a new store (new for me) and one which I fell instantly in love with, Its called Remarkable Oblivion and I swear I cuddda bought the whole shop! Im showing a belt and rings in this post, but be assured you'll be seeing a TON more from this place <3

Hair - Kim OmbresAction (New) 
Hairband - Broche - BlackPepper 
Chest tattoo - Pour vous
Top - Muted tops (New)  (HTT) 
Tummy tattoo - Dino hip tatt 
All @ .wound 
Necklace - King & Queens @ Bens beauty at Fi*Fridays 
Belt - Lucky draw 
Rings - Death valley 
Bangles - Hoop mesh bracelets - Metallic packBens beauty 
Jeans - Mesh skinny jeans - Colours - Blue @ Emporium at Goth fair  (New) 
Boots - Chainless boots @ Innovation on MP  (New) 
Nails - Ultra mesh nails @ Jamman on MP