Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Wooohooo GFW \o/

Hello Loves!!

Its the humpday!! And that means GFW bargains, and there are tons to choose from this week \o/

As ever Ill start with the gestures cos I loves me some gesturbation.. . . .
Shup bish has 3 brand new and brilliant gestures on sale for only 50L this week, these are use everyday ones  and my fave as I'm deffo boob obsessed lol is ::

 • ß⊙⊙ßĪƐS • ß⊙⊙ßĪƐS • ß⊙⊙ßĪƐS • ß⊙⊙ßĪƐS •   said in a really cute voice. My wifeh always goes on about my bewbs so Ill jus be able to shup her face with that one! Haaaa wifeh!!

✣ ƊƛMƝ ƳƠƲ, ƖƝƬЄƦƝЄƬƧ! ✣  I dont know about you but I can see this being used a LOT!!

▐̲H̲̲u̲̲r̲̲r̲̲y̲̲ ̲̲U̲̲p̲̲!̲▌ Speaks for itself really.

All Shup bish gestures are copy/mod ok so you can change the trigger to something you'll remember easily
Taxi here::  Shup bish at Jersey shore

Now for some pretty things to wear!!
These tops are just 2 of the 7 colours out on sale by Mousey. They come with appliers for Tango included.

Hair - Aries - CandyPloom at Zodiac (New) 
Tops - Shorty top - Black & whiteMousey at Jersey shore (For GFW) 
Skirt - Tufta - GreySpirit store (New) 
Shoes - Diva - Black N-Core 
Earrings & necklace - Heart set - Silver
Belly chain - Body strings butterflies - Silver 
Rings - Heart ring ensemble - Silver 
Bracelets - Mess bangles - Silver 
All @  [EY:NO]  
Nails - Ultra mesh nails @ Jamman on MP  
Gloves - Lolita - BlackLouLou 

This top from Hollipocket, comes in a pack of 3 colours for GFW, and each colour comes with 2 options : a badged version, and a plain version, These also come with appliers for Tango included <3 

Hair - #10 - Copper blonde(Red)Mint 
Crown - Mini crown - RedSweeTartz 
Tops - Basic memories - Camo - Set 5Hollipocket  (For GFW) 
Jeans - Female cargo capris - Black Apple May 
Tattoo - Doll face - FreshTenjin 
Rings - Melissa - Red leather @  Bens beauty 
Shoes - Delicious - Red passion  @ N-Core  

The wool tops in this pick are available in 5 colours. They each come with Tango appliers, and prims for neck, sleeves and midriff. 

Hair - Vibrato - Praline fade LeLutka 
Jumpers - Cropped cableknit sweaters{U.R} at Jersey shore (For GFW) 
Pants - Leather skinny pants - BlackMaitreya 
Shoes - Diva - WhiteN-Core  
Necklace/rings - AudreyBens beauty 

This is just a tiny peek at what can be snaffled today, theres tattoos, bra tops, furniture, jewellry - allkinds!! Make sure you head over to Jersey shore this week peeps, I promise you wont be disappointed <3 
Happy shopping!