Thursday, 28 March 2013

Jelly went bust!

Hello Girls!!

As promised - a little more from CleaVage, where Going bust is in full swing.

We have a cute lil camo combo for this post courtesy of Jelly. This one includes the pants in 5 sizes, top, and appliers for Tangos.
*Dont forget the event only runs till monday, so go get the goodies before they go up to full price!!

**The makeup, tattoo, and shoes are all exclusives at WCF2, which only has a few days left, so be sure to get any goodies ya couldn't get cos of the lag before it shuts!!

Hair/shrug - Eleonora - Summer blondiesCaTwA 
Piercing - Otherside - RazorHoD 
Makeup - Wars 3 face tattooSuperBia at WCF2 **
Outfit - GotchaJelly at CleaVage (Going bust) *
Bracelets - Hoop mesh bracelets - Black
Rings - Melissa - Black leather 

Both @ Bens beauty 
Nails - Ultra mesh nails Jamman on MP 
Tattoo - Dragonfly dance Endless pain at WCF2 **
Trainers - ShowstoppaAlterEgo at WCF2 **