Thursday, 21 March 2013

Lil Devil

Hello Lovelies!!

I bought the Fifty Linden Friday item at Plastik on (lol obvs) friday, but I didnt get round to opening it till today :o/  But when I did. . . . . OMG a  TON of goodies!! Seriously were talkin' necklaces, shoes, boots, dresses, corsets, glasses, makeups and eyes!! All for 50L! Aikea always goes overboard with freebs, gifts and offers - shes super generous and her stuffehs are breathtakingly gorgeous, rich textures, unusual designs, its whats kept me in the Plastik group since I discovered this gorgeous lil store all those moons ago.

Also Epic has gorgeous tails out for GFW - yes I knowwwww its thursday/friday lol, but these lil beauties are gonna be out all week \o/ So, theres 3 different tails out, this heart & fireflies tail, which features a texture change fiireflies jar - a tail with a pretty lil texture change bow, and a basic version. All are copy/mod so you can match to ya outfits or skins \o/

Horns - Malificent Head wings (Modded smaller) 
Baseball bat
Hair - Ivette - Dark flame Wasabi Pills 
 Ears - Mesh gauged earsZombie suicide 
Earrings - Jestyr - NoirThe Plastik 
Face piercing - Otherside - RazorHoD
Makeups ::
 Deep black eyeshadow Corvus
Hippie inner corner liner - WhiteMons 
Cig - Ultimate cigarette Hermony
Choker - Dena'ina
Necklaces - Cora
Shrug - Korporale bolero
Corset - Fatality corset
Skirt - Reia
All @ The Plastik 
Nails - Ultra mesh nailsJamman on MP 
Tail - Curvy succubus' heart tail @ Epic at Jersey shore  (Modded colour) (For GFW- Out all week) 
Tatt - Damned - InkDamned
Tights - Fishnet wide - Black Erratic
Knee guards 
Leg strap - Ladies secret gun
Both @ Dirtyland
Boots - Triumph boots Gos