Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Shes all that

Hello Girls!!

GFW is here - yaaaaay!!! And this week isn't unusual in having lots of bargains on offer, so lets get to it yesh? Yes!!

Hollipocket is my first pick of the goodies, by way of this hawt lil Tee, that comes in 2 versions, a Barbie is. . . . . . .logo and a plain version, it comes with appliers for tango included :o)

Lucifers heart have this cute lil mesh dress out that comes with a texture change hud - you can change the dress to 8 colours \o/ Buy one - get 7 free lol

Shup bish also have a pack of wicked gestures out too, I look forward especially to these cos as you may know, Imma bit of a gesture whore lol. So out of the 5 in this weeks bargain pack, my faves are::

One for all the clubbers :: This one has a wicked animation that made me lol when I saw it <33

     ≁ пσш, пσш, шαıт α мıпυтε, ч'αʟʟ ≁
       ≁ тнıƨ ᴅαпcε αıп'т 4 ενεячвσᴅч ≁
             ≁ σпʟч тнε ƨεхч ρεσρʟε. ≁

This next one we MAY use daily, depending on our moods lol
  βяσσ-мŏŏ (brookie.rascon)  ιѕ ѕo ғrυѕтrαтed. This has a whiney ass sound lol perfect for all us spoiled Princesses \o/

And my final choice is one we can all use daily, usually the answer will be SL, or LL right?
∺  Ⓗммм ... wнo coυld вe reѕpoɴѕιвle ғor тнιѕ?  ∺    This one has a mysterious cartoony sound, and made me smile big

The  other two I really wanna show here, but that wouldn't be fair, gotta keep an element of surprise for you guys right? But I've already activated all 5 of mine \o/

Hair - Colour demo - Copper blond (Red)Mint (Free) 
Necklaces - Pearls - Pink - Combo Maxi Gossomer 
Dress - Aria mini - Set 1 @  Lucifers heart at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 
Bracelets - Mesh hoops - Metal pack @ Bens beauty 
Tattoo - - Mehndi Endless pain  (New) (Pink fusion hunt gift -5L) 
Shoes -  - Delicious - Pink @ N-Core  (New) 


Hair - Moment - Hud 03Magika 
Eyes/piercing - Lapse - ClearEllabella 
Top - Shes all that @ Hollipocket (New) (For GFW) 
Gloves/bracelets - Enigma - WhiteLouLou 
Nails - Hello Kitty nails @ Forever Young at Luck of the Irish gatcha fair  (Gatcha) (New) 
Skirt - Yulia - WhiteSpirit store 
Belt - Buckle beltPepper 

Next up we have some sexy lingerie, some for when your naughty, and some for when ya nice ;o) 

Hair - Nydia W/roots - BarbieTruth 

Gloves - Lolita - Black 
Pasties - Tapes - Lil heart 
Both @ LouLou 

Corset - Pretty Eros corset @ DRBC at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 
Black open cardi, vest & pants - Lazy sunday set @ 1 Hundred at Jersey shore  (For GFW) 
Stockings & lace pants @ Black leahReasonable Desires 
Shoes - Delicious - Pink @ N-Core  (New)