Saturday, 13 April 2013

A lil lace

Hello again Meloves!!

SL is fair crazy ATM so Id forgotten all about the Big Boobies fair!! And as I was sent the cutest and hottest lil lace dresses, I really dont know how I forgot :o/ (Apologies Miss Pocket!!)
So let me make it right, and show you this super hawt - as - hell lace dress from Hollipocket. They come in packs of 2 (this one comes with a baby blue too) and include appliers for tangos. There are 6 packs of 2  Super hawt - raawwrrrr!

Hair - Julia - Ethereal Wasabi Pills 
Horns - Rainbow horns - Pastel (New) 
Unicorn horn - Uni horn - pastel (New) 
Earrings - Rainbow wings - pastel (New) 
All BY Bubble at Kawaii Fair
Mouthy & poses - Sweet nothing BY  Elephante poses at Kawaii fair (New) (Bazaar item) 
Glitter eyeliner - Diamond eyeliner BY Bens beauty at Cosmetics fair (Begins on 15th april) (New) 
Necklaces - Babette combo - Ivory/ SilverMaxi Gossomer 
Dress - Lacey nighty mini - baby pink (Set 6) @  Hollipocket at The Big Boobies show fair (New) 
Rings - Melissa - Pink leatherBens beauty 
Nails - Marissa crackle nails BY  Bens beauty at Cosmetics fair (New) 
Boots - Megas boots V2 - White TEN"10 

Taxi to Kawaii Fair 
Taxi to Cosmetics fair (Opens 15th april) 

Map of Kawaii fair 

Happy Shopping!