Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Cant see me

Ello again Lovelies!

Alterego have this hawt lil bodysuit out new today, its mesh and comes with the matching boots, wrist warmers and collar. Because it comes with so much, Ive split the whole outfit in 2, and teamed half with a camo body from Hollipocket, which is smokin, and some bits from Perfect wardrobe who's theme this round is camo too (see earlier posts)

On left :
Hair - Moment - Hud 03Magika 
Mask - Camo mask BY Zombie suicide at Perfect wardrobe (New) 
Body - Camoflauge outfit BY AlterEgo  (New) 
Necklace/ ring - Anabella Bens beauty  (New) 
Cig pack - Cigarettes arm strapDirtyland 
Wrist tapes - Taped wrist Sinistyle 
Nails - Ultra mesh nails Jamman on MP 
Gun - PistoleroLouLou 
Boots - Megas V2  - Black leather TEN"10 

On right :
Helmet - Kawaii camo neko helmet BY Epic at Perfect Wardrobe 
Choker - Camoflauge outfit BY Alterego  (New) 
Body - Salute Me suit - Black Hollipocket 
Wrist bands - Camoflauge outfit BY Alterego  (New) 
Bag - Fanny pack BY Pepper at Perfect Wardrobe 
Boots - Camoflauge outfit BY Alterego  (New)  

Taxi to Perfect Wardrobe 
Taxi to AlterEgo 

Happy shopping!