Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Just a splash

Helloooo again Girlies!!!

My last post of the day, and this time its newness from Eyelure, in the form of sexy lil mesh mini dresses.
These can easily be dressed up or down, but Ive been playing with the idea of gettin my black Triumph boots in pink, and this was my perfect excuse!! Little did I know though, that owners of the Womens Triumph boots V2, are able to buy boot polish to update the black orginals into thier chosen colour for only 300L, that way easily being able to change from Black to chosen colour, and back again.  Hmmm think I may need the blue polish  now :oD

Hair - Rewind - Hud 03Magika  (New) 
Hairband - Spiky headband - BubblegumUtopiaH at Stuff In Stock  (New) 
Piercing - Lapse - Tidal EllaBella 
Earrings/necklace - Adrianna Bens beauty (New) (Sold sep) 
Tattoo (Chest) - Trophy girl Tenjin 
Tattoo (Arms) - Pin up beautyPara designs 
Dress - Splash dress Eyelure  (New) 
Gloves - Grunge armwarmers - White/pink Shabby cat 

Nails - Ultra mesh nailsJamman on MP 
Rings - Melissa - Pink leather/Turquoise leather/Yellow leather Bens beauty  (Sold sep)
Cut knees - Wounded knees 01Suicidal Unborn 
Boots - Triumph - PinkGoS 

Happy shopping!!