Tuesday, 30 April 2013

My Ex Boyfriend

Hello Loves!!

The Plastik have the hottest mesh corsets out Peeps! They come in a range of stunning textures and fabrics, as is so typical of the fantastic Plastik. Each corset comes in 2 parts, the waist cinchers, and the optional hip add-ons.

Perfect wardrobes Gothic round is on, so lots of accessories from there, and lots more to come :o)

Hair -  Sherry -Pale goldenLoQ (New) 
Horns - Dulce meurte horns BY LouLou at Perfect Wardrobe (New) 
Piercing - Facial peircing Q6Phoebe's piercings at Acid Lily (New) 
Eyelashes - Glitter lash @ Eyelure   (New) 
Blood - (Comes with blindfold not shown) - Bloody blindfold  BY Anatomy at Perfect Wardrobe  (New) 
Multi necklace - Gothic necklace BY Pepper at Perfect Wardrobe (New) 
Long necklace - Hearts necklace Phoebe's piercings at Acid Lily  (New) 
Corset - The Anasaze corset - LaceThe Plastik (New) 
Gloves - Dulce meurteLouLou 
Pants - Tease me panties - Set 8Hollipocket at WCME  (New) 
Boots - Tall leather thigh boots - Black Slink 
Skull / crown & poses - King of anything BY Elephante poses at Perfect Wardrobe 

Taxi to Perfect Wardrobe