Sunday, 21 April 2013


Hello Loves!!

Well, I know Ive been super quiet this weekend, exactly NO posts at all, but RL has been quite busy, and Ive enjoyed the break from SL TBH.

But I've gone through the blogger apps for the new CleaVage event - Lubbly Jubblies, and will be adding my chosen bloggers to the group tomorrow & handing out the welcome packs \o/

I also received a ton of replies to my Going bust apps, and those bloggers will hear from me tomorrow also :o)

I also had a bit of a squabble with 2 - OMG 2! -  bloggers who seem to think they are Gods gift to Designers and the blogging circuit lmao.
So let me take a second to rant.

Firstly, I ejected a blogger who hadnt blogged ONE ITEM in months, Id sent notices and still, when she was ejected, I got the whiney "Why?" IM. When I explained, she proceeded to tell me that shes been super busy, and couldnt possibly blog ONE ITEM per bi weekly event. Well there you go Love, now you're less busy :o)
Oh and taking it to Facebook just embarrasses you.  The "Well bloggers do we blog for the sake of blogging, or wait till we receive an item that fits with out style?" wall post doesnt wash with me, you should leave the group if you no longer feel the group suits your style K? K!

Then, I had a "Please pay attention, I blogged this item, I cant send a NC cos I'm too busy"!! IM. Well firstly your item was posted 3 days after the event ended, and secondly if you're too busy to write a NC then ya got probs.

Designers spend a lot of time and effort creating, and are generous enough to send out, so seriously dont give me shit about being too fkn busy, Im busy as hell and yet I find the time to cover  ALL of my obligations, AND (gasps)  write NCs (lmao - pathetic) , plus I have to chase your lazy asses for posts FFS.

K rant over :o)

See ya tomorrow guys!!