Thursday, 9 May 2013

I mish yew

This post is dedicated to mah Wifeh who hasnt been able to log into SL for any length of time due to internet, I mish yew Wifeh, cant wait to have ya back full time <3 <3

Hair (hairband inc) - Adile - FadesLeLutka (New)
Earrings - Zebra feather earringsGlow Studio 
Necklace - Ribbion choker - Natural pack.wound 
Necklace - Pure necklace - BlueBens beauty 
Feather necklace - No longer available - sorry! 
Shrug - My cute shrug - Flieder[EY:NO] 
Top - Spring shirt - Choco D'Noir at CleaVage (New) (Going bust)
Bangles - Angular bangles - TeakIzzies 
Rings - Melissa - BlueBens beauty 
Nails - Ultra mesh nailsJamman on MP 
Belt - Rockabily birds belt Sweet Leonard 
Skirt - Country mini -Light denim lavendar[QE] at The 100 Block (New) 
Boots - Stagioni - Sand @  Maitreya 

Happy shopping!