Thursday, 23 May 2013


Hellllooooo Girls!

The 100 Block party is still in full swing Peeps, I popped over there yesterday in search of inspiration, and I didnt have to look further than The Plastik, as I loves me these sexy jeans. The Plastik never fail to surprise me with the textures and fabrics that every single release features.

(red)Mint also have brand spanking new mesh tops out, now these don't come with appliers but do have an implant size \o/ so wearable for everyone, weather you like melons or fried eggs (Hello Wifeh!!)

I also popped over to *Epic* and totes fell in love with these cute little fawn ears. They are beyond cute, i hearts em sooooo much - they're fluffeh!!

Hair - Wait - Hud 03Magika (New) 
Eyelashes - Perfect LashEyelure (New) 
Ears - Fantasy Faun Ears -Plain - Snow *Epic* 
Headphones - Etude Headphones - Peach+Half-Deer+ 
Headband - Like A PrayerVirtual/Insanity 
Piercing - Piercing P6 - Black  @ Phoebe's Piercings at Acid Lily (New)
Tattoo - Thistle GoddessTenjin 
Chest Piercing - Nebula - TimesEllabella 
Arm Cuffs & Bracelets - Dena'InaThe Plastik 
Gloves - EnigmaLouLou 
Top - Dwindle No.9(red)Mint (New)
Necklace - Stella Bens beauty 
Belly Piercing -  One & One @  Virtual/Insanity  (Past hunt item) 
Nails - Ultra Mesh NailsJamman (Updated) 
Rings - Melissa - Pink - Gold PackBens beauty 
Jeans - Cestus Jeans - FadedThe Plastik at 100 Block Party (New) 
Shoes - Omega - RoseN-Core 

  Happy shopping!