Thursday, 9 May 2013

Summer blues

Hello Loves!

I'm so lovin all the summer colours in SL around now, even when the sun isnt shining we can still feel bright and breezy.

J'adore have pretty summery dresses out for Going bust in 4 gorgeous colours. They are mesh, and are wearable without implants, and appliers for Tango bewbs are included.

Hair - Bacardi -Pale goldenLoQ 
Bow - Kawaii bowForever Young 
Eye makeup - Hippie eyeliner - BlueMons 
Necklaces - Babette - Combo - Turquoise/silver Maxi Gossomer 
Dress - Paisley dress - BlueJ'adore at CleaVage (New) (Going bust) 
Bangles : 
Hoop mesh bracelet
Rosana bracelet 
Stick mesh bracelet
Rings - Melissa - Blue - Silver pack 
All @ Bens beauty 
Nails - Ultra mesh nails Jamman on MP 
Shoes - Omega -SkyN-Core 

Happy shopping!