Sunday, 19 May 2013


Hello Girlies!!

I hope ya'll enjoying whats left of your weekend, I've had a lovely lazy day with my family today, and just popped into SL to do a lil shopping, and make a posty :D

Rack City have this gorgeous dress out exclusively at the Boobies Show. It comes with appliers for Tango and Lush bewbs and the skirt part is mesh, so no editing (yay!) and it moves with your body (double yay!)

I popped over to 100 block today too, and picked up my cheeky lil monkey friend here, and some of his friends lol,  plus the wicked piercing from Ellabella which is fast becoming my fave piercing store <3

The shoes I also purchased today, I needed these in my life! (But I completely forgot to change the skin on the toes lmao).

Hair - Hearts Dont Break Even - Natural FusionExile (New) 
Net - Veil Of Thorns Half Deer at The Box 
Horns - Eternum Half Deer 
Piercing - MorphEllabella at 100 Block Party  (New) 
Ears - See Body Basics
Cheeky Chimp - Monkey Shoulder Pet MishMish at 100 Block Party  (New) 
Collar - Indo - Jet[MC] at WCME 
Necklace/Rings - Heart - Gold [EY:NO] 
Back Tattoo - Egipt
Calf Tattoo - Koi Karp 
Dress - Vixen Rack City at The Boobies Show (New) 
Arm Tattoo - Willow fairy - MeshTenjin at Jersey Shore (For GFW) 
Gloves - Lolita 
Bracelets - Amore Mia 
Both @ LouLou 
Shoes - Lou - TanMstyle  (New) 

Happy Shopping!