Saturday, 29 June 2013

Cherry Pie

Hello once again lovely Peeps!

Cherrylicious for this post, Hollipocket have this cute lil top for this weeks GFW, I think it was available last week - but I've checked and its still out, so be quick, its ver' cutes!!

Alterego have these Limited Edition Showstoppers out, and there was such a rush to get em, that the sim crashed!!! But  I managed to get back in, and snaffle em up, I missed out on the Panda ones, I wasnt gonna miss out on these too!!

In my excitement of snaffling the shoes, I forgot to put earrings in!! How weird to naked ears look? :o/

Hair - KerriTruth (New) 
Glasses - Reader Gkasses - Red Leopard Acid & Mala 
Piercing - Face Piercing K2Phoebe's Piercings at Designer Circle (New) 
Lipstick - Firework Lip Colour - Red Zombie Suicide at Perfect Wardrobe (New) 
Collar/ Sleeves - Black Tie Cuffs & CollarsLWL at The Arcade 
Shoulders - GladiatorEpic 
Sleeves Tatt - PassionTenjin 
Top - Tookie Lookie - Cherry Pie Hollipocket (For GFW) 
Necklace - Winged Saint The Pink Bandaid (New) 
Belt - Spiked Belt Candydoll 
Tummy Tatt - Freak & DangerousYour Cocain at Fi*fridays (New) 
Belly Piercing - ScorpionPhoebe's Piercings at Acid Lily 
Skirt - Lacey MiniForever Young (New) 
Gloves - LolitaLouLou 
Rings - Scorpion RingsPhoebe's Piercings at Acid Lily  (New) 
Stockings - Seamed FishnetsBlowpop 
Garter - Smexay Garter Hollipocket 
Knee Guard - Gladiator @  Epic  
Sneakers - Showstoppa - SkulliesAlterego (New) (Limited Edition)