Monday, 10 June 2013


Ello Peeps!!

Woooo  a brand new round of Perfect Wardrobe begins today, and its theme is 7 deadly sins, so think Envy, Sloth, Greed, Lust etc and a perfecto Perfect Wardrobe you will have :D

Hair - Delta - Light BlondesTruth 
Mini Horns - Tiny Demons HornsDirtyland 
Earrings - Lucky Earrings - Green @ Bens Beauty  (New) 
Large Horns - My Needy Horns - Envy BY *Milk* at Perfect Wardrobe (New) 
Headband - My Latex Headband - BlackUtopiaH 
Eyes - Seven Deadly Sins - Envy BY Gola Industries at Perfect Wardrobe (New) 
Makeup - Eyeshadow Punk - Green Mons 
Piercing - Face Piercing B3Phoebe's Piercings at Outlet Sales Room 
Choker - Ribbion Choker - Vibrants Pack.wound 
Neck Tattoo - Seven Deadly Sins - Envy BY Delusions at Perfect Wardrobe (New) 
Necklace - Envy Necklace - Green @ Cute Poison at Perfect Wardrobe (New) 
Shoulders - Dark Gladiator * Epic* 
Corset/pasties - Sinful Corset - Envy @ Sakide at Perfect Wardrobe (New) 
Gloves - Long ArmwarmersPerle 
Nails - Ultra Mesh Nails Jamman on MP 
Rings - Melissa - Black Leather 
Bangles - Hoop Mesh Bracelet - Green 
Both @ Bens Beauty 
Garter - PistoleroLouLou 
Tattoo (Legs) - GardenYour Cocain at Fi*fridays (New) 
Knee Guards - Dark Gladiator @  * Epic* 
Shoes - Addiction - FatpackN-Core 

Ride to Perfect Wardrobe  Here 

Happy Shopping!