Wednesday, 5 June 2013

I Luvs em!

Ello Dolls :D

As well as the last WCME, a new round of The Arcade has began, and *IF* you can get onto the sim (It took me several attempts and 3 crashes to get 4 items lmao) you will find a ton of cute items to try and get in the colour/version of your choice. Im kinda gettin a bit addicted to Gatcha machines, dangerous cos I walk away with half the Linden I went with - and a ton of identical items -.-

Hair -  Lory - Iceberg BY Wasabi Pills at The Arcade  (New)
Unicorn Horn - Sweet Dreams Unicorn - Berry Lemon BY Half Deer The Arcade  (New) 
Choker - Ribbion Choker - Vibrant Pack .wound 
Neck Purse - Bunny Pouch - Hot Pink BY Freaky Design at Funny Puppet Fair  (New) (Exclusive) 
Top - Basic Shirt - I Love Unicorns BY Blah at WCME 
Sleeves tattoo - ProsperityZentro At Jersey Shore (For GFW - Starts Friday!)
Tummy/Leg Tattoo - Free Emily Para Designs 
Belly Chain - PrincessAdrenaliyn 
Skirt - Candy Stripe Skirts BY [HC] at WCME  (New) (Exclusive) 
Socks - Love Hurts - Set1 
Gloves - Lace Shortys 
Garter - Smexay Garters 
All @ Hollipocket 
Shoes - Zen - Pastel BlueN-Core 
Bangles - Soft Summer BY Phoebe's Piercings at Summer Fashion Fair  (New) (Free) 
Belly Piercing - Chinese Doll BY Phoebe's Piercings at Summer Fashion Fair(New) (Exclusive) 
Rings - Melt My HeartAux 

Ride to The  Arcade Here 

Ride to Funny Puppet Fair Here 

Ride to WCME Here 

Ride to Summer Fashion Fair Here 

Happy Shopping!