Monday, 24 June 2013

Keep Calm

Hello Girls & Happy Monday!

As we bring in a brand new week, today is the last chance to get ya mitts on any Going Bust items for cheapsies! This top is one of 2 colours out for the sale.

The pants are Free (!) as a gift for hunters partaking in the Excuse My French Hunt, and are unisex \o/

Hair - Jolene Truth (New) 
Piercing - RazorbladePhoebe's Piercings at Black Market (New) 
Top - Keep Calm & Sparkle Jelly at CleaVage (For Going Bust) 
Sleeves Tattoo - Dead Ink Vestigium 
Tummy Tattoo - Sweet Little ThingTenjin 
Belly Piercing - Scorpion Phoebe's Piercings at Acid Lily (New)
Pants - Baggy Thug - Grey[Bu.Fu] (New) (Hunt Item - Free) 
Shoes - Nia Platforms - Solid Pack Forever Young (New)