Thursday, 20 June 2013


Hello again Lovelies <3

A quick post for today as I'm attending a wedding tomorrow, and still have toenails to glue on, St Tropez to apply, a gift to wrap and a Son to offload!!
I probably wont be able to post again till sunday, so till then, have fun, happy shopping and kisses to ya'll!

Hair - Colbie - Light BlondesTruth (Temp LM) 
Headband - Movienight - Pimpsuit Le fil casse (New) 
Ears - See Body Basics Tab
Piercing - Face piercing Q8 @  Phoebe's Piercings at Acid Lily (New)
Tops - Painter Tops.wound (New) 
Tattoo - Young Kid BY Sourires at PW  
Necklace - Envy Necklace BY Cute Poison at PW 
Both @  Perfect Wardrobe 
Arm Straps - Kawaii Armstrap Cute Sh!t! (New) 
Bangles - Hoop Mesh - Colour Pack @  Bens Beauty  
Rings - Flower Rings @  Phoebe's Piercings AT Black Market (New) 
Shorts - Hotpants With StudsRedgrave 
Cut Knees - Wounded Knees @  Suicidal Unborn 
Boots - Triumph Boots V2GoS