Thursday, 18 July 2013

Hallo Minions

Hello Girlies!!

I have news!! News of a new sponsor and im ver' excited!

Hello Titty Slots is a Monthly Gatcha event for the boob lovin' brigade. The first round begins on the 20th July (Not long now!!) and there are soooo many brill designers taking part., its Gatcha heaven!

You can read more about the event on the Big Boobie Babes Blog

Click the link below the pic for all the deets!

Hair - Khal - Blondes @ Runaway (New) 
Hairband - Bow HeadbandDirtyland 
Earrings - Xoxo EarringsSweet Leonard 
Piercing - Set AR3Adrenaliyn 
Top - Hallo! Black @ Jelly at Hello Titty Slots (Gatcha - Rare) (New-Exclusive) 
**Please note LM isnt open till 20th July**
Tattoo - Sleeves - Peacock Zentro 
Bangle R - Animal Print - Rainbow Bishes Inc 
Bangle L - Wicki Spikes Pure Poison 
Rings - Melissa - Black LeatherBens Beauty 
Nails - Ultra Mesh NailsJamman 
Tattoo - Torso - Blossom Your Cocain 
Belly Piercing - Inca Moon @ Phoebe's Piercings at Summer Break festival  (New-Exclusive) 
Knickers - Naughty NeonSexy Things 
Pants - Graf V2 Barmeley (New) 
Shoes - Helena Redgrave