Wednesday, 24 July 2013



I cant sleep, so instead of reading, I thought Id write up the post I'd taken mah piccies for earlier :D
Call me addicted I'll call you right - ha!

In this post we have brand spanking newness from Phoebe's Piercings :- a gorgeous mesh camo skirt that comes with a hud to change the colour to 8 camo colours, from traditional army green to pretty camo pink :o)

Also, going back to Perfect Wardrobe, Rotten Defiance have pretty Crochet tops out  in 5 colours. They come with appliers for Tango included. These are so pretty, I really wanted to feature at least one in a post :o)

Click the link below the pic to grab the deets :o)

Hair - Berryjuice - Leftsided - Black LoQ 
Horns - Succubus Horns - Curl - Black @ Epic (New-GG) 
Eyeshadow - CatsEyesDamned 
Scratches - Face ScratchesDirtyland 
Lashes - Tameless Lashes - New 32 Tameless 
Ears - Stretched EarsMandala 
Cig - Ultimate Cigarette Hermony 
Collar - Dena'Ina Collar - BareThe Plastik 
Shoulders - Dark Gladiator Spiked  Shoulders Epic - LM Above 
Necklace - Kiss Necklace - Gold @ Bens Beauty  (New - GG) 
Top - Barely There Tank - Black [RD] At Perfect Wardrobe (New) 
Sleeves/Tummy Tattoo - Karma Custom Inkz 
Arm Cuffs - The Lost Clocks @ Dirtyland - LM Above 
Gloves/Bracelets - Enigma - Black LouLou 
Nails - Ultra Mesh Nails Jamman 
Rings - Melissa - Black Leather @ Bens Beauty - LM Above 
Skirt - Valerie - CamoPhoebe's Piercings (New) 
Belt - RevengeAlterego 
Tights - Seamed Fishnets - Ripped Blowpop 
Knee - Dark Gladiator Knee Guards @ Epic - LM Above
Boots - ChainlessInnovation on MP