Friday, 16 August 2013

A lil Awkward

Hello Muffins!

The new round of Going Bust began yesterday, the boobie bargains await you! You have till Monday to grab deals like this hawt Booby Tee, available in 2 designs.

Also the new Jersey Shore Hunt began too! Its called the Summer Hangover Hunt, and you are looking for a lil crushed beer can. All hunt items will be on sale for 10L but have at least a 150L value :D No hunt hints are available as each of the store are pretty small so items wont be too hard to find :D

Hairband - Minnie Spiked Headband Alterego 
Hair - Gloria - NaturalsTameless (New) 
Piercing - Disarray @ Cute Poison  (GG) 
Necklace - Lady Penguin Necklace Atooly at SL Fashion Week (New) 
Tee - I'm Awkward @ Jelly At Cleavage   (Going Bust) 
Tattoo : Underboob - She Aint Perfect Your Cocain 
Elbows - Elbow Warmers V2 @ Alterego - LM Above
Cuffs - Lenny Cuffs The Pink Bandaid 
Belly Piercing / Rings - Kaos @ Phoebe's Piercings  (Sold Sep) 
Hip Tattoo - My Summer vacation @ Tenjin On Jersey Shore  (SHH Gift-10L) 
Hip Piercing - Hip Accent @ Cute Poison - LM Above 
Pants - Locked Panties @ Wicked Night on Jersey Shore  (SHH Gift-10L) 
Knees - Wounded Knees 01Suicidal Unborn 
Socks - Tube Socks 
Shoes - Showstoppas - Panda2 
Both @ Alterego - LM Above
(The shoes were a Ltd Edt & no longer available but other designs are)