Friday, 2 August 2013


Heya All!

Its another late post for me tonight - midnight in fact, but meh, its Friday and I felt like blogging so fk it!!

In this post we have newnesss from J'adore, for the new round of Bewbapalooza. This tee is one of 3 hero themed tops that include appliers for Tango boobies.

Bishes Inc also have brand spanking newness out in the form of totally modifiable mesh skirts, these come in 20 colours and as they are full mod you can edit linked parted to get the coloured squares to totally tweak it to your perfect shape \o/

Hair - Dusti - FadesTameless 
Horns - Curl Black Succubus Horns @ Epic (GG) 
Eyelashes - Tameless Lashes New 32 @ Tameless - Slurl Above 
Ears - Stretched Ears Mandala 
Piercing - Simple Claws Face Piercing @ Phoebe's Piercings  (BLBH Gift) 
Collar/Bracelets - Spiked Collar /Bracelet Set Bowtique on MP 
Sleeves tattoo - Sweet Sacrifice @ Boss Tattoos- Cant find current LM - Sorry! 
Top - Super Hero Tube - Bat J'adore at Bewbapalooza (New) 
Elbow Warmers - Mesh Elbow Warmers @ Alterego  (New) 
Belly Piercing - Mesh Belly Piercing - P1Phoebe's Piercings at Fi*Fridays (New) 
Belly Tattoo - Doll Face Tenjin 
Skirt - Candy Mini - Black Bishes Inc (New) 
Tights - Fishnet - WideErratic 
Garter - PistoleroLouLou 
Boots - Saxa - Dull Severed Garden (New)