Friday, 16 August 2013

Heart 'em

Hey Babes!

GFW kicked off today - Let the weekend of bargains begin!!
And while you're there, don't forget to let those hunting instincts go wild for the Summer Hangover Hunt, tons of stores on Jersey Shore are taking part in an exclusive sim hunt, where all prizes - worth at least 150L are on sale for only 10L! Only catch is...ya gotta find em :oD

Also in todays post are wicked Mesh Cut Offs by Delirium for She & Him, I seriously heart these, not are they so well made and the sizes fit perfectly, but the boxers pattern is cayoooots!

Hair - Peyton - Fades @ Tameless  (New) 
Hairband - Fleur - Printed Le Fill Casse 
Earrings - Solitaire Cross Earrings @ Bens Beauty  (New) 
Multi Necklace - Hungover Neckay BY [Geek.] at Jersey Shore (SHH Gift - 10L)
Necklace - Lady Penguin - Teal Atooly at SL Fashion Week (New) 
Top - Tick Tock On My Top - Teal @ Hollipocket (For GFW) 
Gloves - Arm Socks Shabby Cat 
Rings - Melissa - TurquoiseBens Beauty 
Hip tattoo - My Summer vacation BY Tenjin at Jersey Shore (SHH Gift - 10L)
Jeans - Bemuda Shorts (Part of the She Outfit)  BY Delirium at She & Him (New-Exclusive) 
Leg tattoo - Maori Haka BY Boss Tattoos at She & Him (New-Exclusive) 
Shoes - Addiction - FatpackN-Core 

Taxi To Jersey Shore: Here 
Taxi To She & Him : Here