Wednesday, 21 August 2013

She Maybe Mental But Shes Mine!

Heya Lil Lovelies!

So its Wednesday, and as mentioned last week, that means the first of (hopefully many) Wifeh Wednesdays!!
Ty Diamond, my clinically insane mentalist, I loves ya face right off! <33

On Me: 
Hair - Shiloh - CandyPloom 
Piercing - Disarray @ Cute Poison  (GG) 
Bow - CathiaPhoebe's Piercings at Thrift Shop (New-Exclusive) 
Necklace 1 - Penguin Necklace - Purple Atooly at SL Fashion Week (New-Exclusive) 
Necklace 2 - Feel It - SilverBens Beauty 
Dress - Happy Hour Dress le fil casse at Perfect Wardrobe (New-Exclusive) 
Leg Tattoo - AnchorYour Cocain 
Cut Knees - Wounded KneesSuicidal Unborn 
Sandals - Indy - Silver N-Core (New) 

On Wifeh : 
Hair - Odette - EspressoTruth 
Hairband - Bow Headband - Blue Dirtyland 
Beads - Broken BeadsCrickets on MP 
Dress - Dress In Blue H.A.R.D on MP 
Bracelets - Enigma - Black LouLou 
Sandals - Indy - Black @  N-Core (New)