Saturday, 3 August 2013

Lubbly Latex

Ello Muffintops!!
(I think I may call ya'll a daily random name now, cos I'm gettin bored of my standard "Hello Loves" greeting!)

The fantastical Lubbly Jubblies only has 10 days remaining, so if you have been living in a cave and haven't been, or indeed have been and missed some of the smexy stuff- be warned: you only have 10 days to get the goodies at these prices!!

I completely missed this fahookin sexy as hell latex bodysuit, and I can honestly say I have no idea how! Its available in 5 slick  gorgeous latex colours. I have to say the textures are amaze, soooo clear and sooooo shiny, I hope to see Candy using more of this!!  <3 Appliers for multiple implants are included.

Hair - Billie - CandyPloom 
Horns - Nashira Horns Virtual Insanity 
Face Scratches - Leopard Face Scratches Dirtyland 
Collar - Bound Collar - Black MambaLuck.Inc 
Arm Straps - The Lost Clocks Dirtyland 
Tattoo - Passion Tenjin   
Gloves - Mesh Armwarmers - Black BerryPerle 
Rings - Evana - Silver Bens Beauty 
Nails - Ultra Mesh Nails Jamman 
Bodysuit - Last Day - Red @ Purple Candy at Cleavage  (New) (For Lubbly Jubblies) 
Garter - Pistolero LouLou 
Boots - Tall Leather Thigh BootsSlink