Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Skool Daze

Helloooooo Smooshies <3

I found a gorgeous lil school uniform outfit in my Bewbapalooza folder that Id completely forgotten about blogging! *Gasps* I cant  believe I forgot, cos I even had it marked especially to blog - I think its so cute, all I can say is I'm so scatterbrained, its a surprise to me that I manage to get anythin' done :o/
Luckily the round is far from over so you still have time to get it in the pink colourway, seen here, or 4 other gorgeous colour combos. The outfit includes everything, the shirt, tie, jumper, skirt & shoes, plus appliers for Tango, Lush & B-busty boobies <3

Hair - Dusty 03 Magika 
Glasses - Reader Glasses-Black Acid & Mala 
 Necklace/Bracelets - Lovelock @ Shabby Cat  (Sold Sep) (New) 
Outfit - Schoolgirl-Charcoal/Pink @ Gatherings at Bewbapalooza  (New-Exclusive) 
Rings - Square - Melissa - Black LeatherBens Beauty 
Belly Piercing & Rings - Kaos @ Phoebe's Piercings at Fi*fridays  (Sold Sep) (New) 
Tattoo - ButterflyEndless Pain 
Nails - Ultra Mesh Nails Jamman 
Cut Knees - Wounded Knees 01Suicidal Unborn