Sunday, 15 September 2013


Heya Girlies!

Wooooot! Brill news on the ass front! (LOL -Ass front-isn't that a contradiction in terms?) Hollipocket has updated all her stuffs (well mebbee not aaalll, but most!) with Phat Azz appliers \o/
The appliers are being sold seperately so you can just get the appliers without having to shell out for a whole new Phat Azz wardrobe :D This lingerie set includes both the butt & boobie appliers, and is on offer for todays Lazy Sunday \o/
In other news, Identity have this gorgeous colourful tattoo out for Lubbly Jubblies. The tattoo comes in a fresh and faded version, and all clothing/tattoo layers plus appliers for tango/Lush <3

Hair - Plume - Candy Ploom at TLC  (New) 
Goggles - Kawaii Goggles - Leo/White @ Epic   (Gatcha) 
Piercing - Disarray @ Cute Poison  (GG) 
Tattoo - Truth Or Dare Identity at Lubbly Jubblies (New) 
Lingerie - Barbie Doll- Candy @Hollipocket  (Updated) (Lazy Sunday) 
Belly Chain - Sentinel Belly BeltEclipse Art Studio 
Ass - Phat  (New)