Friday, 27 September 2013

OMG Its comin'!!

Hellooooooooo Lovelies!!!

And Happy Friday to ya'll \o/

I have exciting news!

Jersey Shore is hosting its very first Gatcha event! Beginning on October 1st, and ending October 31st, this Oh My Gatcha will be run quarterly!! Soooo excited!

So here I have a sneaky peek at a couple of the wicked goodies ya will be able to try ya luck at :D But remeber - its not started yet!

Also, Forever Young have these OMG Sexy assed Chaps out, brand new :D These come with Phat Azz huds in both layers plus clothing layers. There are 8 colours in the pack, and a choice of skinny cuffs or flared - gorge!

Hat/Hair - OMG Hair - Ombre 4 @ Iren at OMG (OMG-Rare) From Oct 1st
Necklace - Redemption Cross @  Eclipse Art Studio 
Boob Tattoo - Thug LifeIdentity at Silicone (New) 
Sleeves  Tattoo - Flower Tattoo Zentro 
Top - Jubblies Mini Top Zombie Suicide at Lubbly Jubblies (New) 
Tummy Tattoo - Queen Of Fuckin' Everythin' @ Tenjin at OMG  (OMG) From Oct 1st
Belly Chain - Sentinel Belly Belt Eclipse Art Studio 
Chaps - Crossed Chaps @ Forever Young  (New) 
Thigh Tattoo - Flowery StarsRunaway (New) 
Shoes - HelenaRedgrave 

OMG LM To Follow!