Thursday, 17 October 2013

Fallen Angel

Hellooooo Smexies <3

The new round of Silicone has begun \o/ Your one stop shop for all things boobtastic is here again!
This sexy lil lingerie set is one of 5 colours available at the event by Le Forme, they include appliers for Phat Azz & Tango boobies.

The gorgeous and intricate tattoos are by Vestigium, and although they look sooooo perfect together are actually seperate tatts. Appliers for the Tango and Phat Azz are sold seperately, and both match up to the clothing layers perfectly. Also the scratches on the eye, and the cheek are Gatcha prizes, along with others.

Horns - Nashira HornsVirtual Insanity 
Hair - Come Undone - Smooth - Goth Pack @ Underscore  (New) 
Eyeliner - Bensu Eyeliner - Grey @ Bens Beauty at Cosmetic Fair  (New-Exclusive) 
Cheek Scratches - Animal Scratch (Gatcha- New) 
Eye Scratches - Eye Wound (Gatcha-New) 
Both BY Vestigium at Horrorfest - LM To Follow 
Mask - Gothika Mask - WhiteLouLou 
Shoulders/Knee - Kawaii Gladiator Combat Set - White @ Epic at Body Mod Expo   (New-Exclusive) 
Wings - Flutterby Wings - Pearl @ Hollipocket at OMG  (Gatcha) 
Tattoo : Chest/Sleeves - Death's Wisdom BY Vestigium at Horrorfest - LM To Follow  (New-Exclusive) 
Lingerie - Sweet Desire - White @ Le Forme at Silicone   (New-Exclusive) 
Arm Cuff - Heavy Cross - White 
Bracelets - Sensation Bracelets - White
Belly Chain - Sentinel Belly Belt - Silver 
Both @ Eclipse Art Studio 
Hand Bracelets - (Part Of) Pearlie Girlie Jizz Pearls Hollipocket at Body Mod Expo (New-Exclusive)
Nails - Ultra Mesh NailsJamman 
Leg Tattoo - Fairytale BY Vestigium at Horrorfest - LM To Follow  (New-Exclusive) 
Leg Warmers - Warm Me Up Bebe @ Hollipocket at The Azz Show   (New-Exclusive)