Thursday, 10 October 2013

Its A Lil Nippy Out

Ellooooo Monkehs!

We have had The Boobies Show for a while now - in fact its just celebrated its birthday - and now we have The Phat Azz Show \o/
It opens on 12th Oct and I'm so looking forward to this, Ill be there braving the lag with my full body alpha on opening day :o)
But until then, here is a sneak peek at Bishes Inc release for the event.  These come in 18 (!) colours and include system clothing layers, but meh, wheres the fun in those right?

Hair/Hat - Katya - Light Blondes @ Truth  (New) 
Titty Tatt - Beautiful Your Cocain at Fi*Fridays (New) 
Top - Oops Top - RedScrub at Silicone  (New-Exclusive) 
Piercing - Fantasty Nipples Pierce - Black @ Pure Poison at Silicone  (New-Exclusive) 
Gloves - Ivy V2Suicidal Unborn 
Hip Piercing - Hip AccentCute Poison 
Shorts - Booty Shorts Phat Azz - Black @ Bishes Inc at The Azz Show  (New-Exclusive) (From 12th Oct) 
Cig Packet/Cig - Ultimate CigaretteHermony 
Leg Tattoo - Polynesian For Phat Azz Vestigium 
Sneakers - Royal Sneakers - Jack @ Private Label  (New)