Wednesday, 2 October 2013

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Heyyyy Love Bugs!

Happy Humpday to ya'll. This week seems to be hurtling past, so I'd better get a move on, and show some more of the good stuff at OMG & Fat Pack Week :D Ooh and news from Hollipocket at TBS :D

Hat - Jones - Black @ Xen's hats at FPW (Fat Pack Week) 
Hair - Hair No 12'13 - Blondes(Red)Mint  (New) 
Top - Its Me Not You - Set 3 @  Hollipocket at The Boobies Show Birthday (New-Exclusive) 
Chest Tattoo - Inner NeedIdentity 
Necklace - Ruth Cameo Necklace @ Common Cents at Oh My Gatcha  (OMG-Rare) 
Tummy Tattoo - We Are No AngelsRunaway 
Pants - Mandy Leather Pants - Pink @ Miss Canning  (New - Phat Azz Appliers) 
Sleeve tattoo - Chibi Dreams Vestigium 
Bracelets - Riu Bracelets Pure Poison 
Gloves - 4 Finger Gloves - Kawaii Stars Razor 
Rings - Big Love Ring & Big Star Ring @Fappy at Oh My Gatcha  (OMG - Both Rare) 
Shoes - Venus - Black N-Core