Sunday, 24 November 2013

Candy Skies

Helloooo Loves <3

Here we have Hollipockets gatcha item at Hello Titty Slots, and I have to say, its fekkin gorgeous! The Chantilly Lace tops come in 20 colours, four of which are rare, plus there is a mystery colour, which I'm not going to disclose, even tho I have it - and its lushhhhh!!
*Pokes tongue out*

Hairbow - Kenzie Bow - Polka Baby BlueAtooly (New) 
Hair - Marleen - Light Blondes Truth (New) 
Beads - Pearlie Girlies Jizz BeadsHollipocket 
Top - Chantilly Lace - Baby Pink @ Hollipocket at Hello Titty Slots  (Gatcha - New) 
Bracelets - Pearlie Girlies Jizz PearlsHollipocket 
Gun/Garter - Holy Holli GarterHolli Pocket at Suicide Dollz (New) 
Tummy Tattoo - Forever Your Cocain 
Shorts - Highshorts - BlancMes Suceries at The Azz Show  (New) 
Stockings - Toeless Socks Forever Young 
Shoes - EleanoraCandydoll at Shoetopia  (New)