Saturday, 21 December 2013

Ello Kitty

Ello again Lovelies <3

As I got all settled at the computer, and don't feel like going to bed yet, I thought I'd do another posty :D

The Hello Titty Hunt has begun, and we all know wot that means - free booby stuffehs! I dont usually blog free stuffs (cept maybe the odd Group Gift but seeing as were all spending a fortune in RL at the minute, free is a winner right?)

So, this cute lil Hello Kitty dress is part of the HTH 3, and is free if you can find the Milk Carton at Hard Candy.

The Goggles, horns, arm scarf, and leg strap are all accessories included with the Sweet Pea Outfit, which is a prize at Envious' Picks board, so again, all free! Just place Envious in ya picks - click the board, and voila - free stuff! The outfit also includes (but not shown here) a dress, stockings, boots, bracelet and posture collar. Thats a lot of free right?!

The boots are not free, but I just want to mention em, as they are totally wickeddddd. They come in standard sizes, but include extra sizes for Phat Azz wearers (yaay!!) The socks can be worn on both legs, left leg only, right leg only, or no socks. A hud is also included to control the sock texture to 12 choices. I bought em in this pink, and black, but I think I'll be getting more colours before soon ;D

Hair - Chilly - Candy @ Ploom  (New) 
Goggles/Horns/Scarf, Leg Strap - (Part Of Outfit) Sweetpea @ Envious  (Picks Gift) 
Necklace - Pearls Combo - WhiteMaxi Gossomer 
Bracelet/Rings Set - Nina Bracelets & RingBens Beauty (New) 
Manicure - Winter Set 01 - MatteAtooly (New) 
Dress - Hello Titty Dress @ Hard Candy (HTH Gift) 
Leg Tattoo - RoseYour Cocain 
Boots/Sock - (ePunk) Boots No3 @ (Red)Mint at Frost   (New)