Monday, 16 December 2013

It's Complicated

Hey Loves!

Monday has gotten me, Ive been sooo busy, and still have more RL to do, buuut I wanted to get away for half hr, so here I am!

Hair - Toxis - Naturally (New) 
Eyes - Salina Eyes - Wave (New) 
Piercing - VaeFaceEllabella 
Nose Chain - Rama LouLou 
Necklace - Antique 2 CrossBens beauty 
Top - Sweet McFlurry Top - Set 5Hollipocket at The Boobies Show (New) 
Hand Tattoo - Maiori Your Cocain at Fi*Fridays  (New) 
Rings -  Sexy & BitchWhatever 
Mani - Queen Jane For Slink HandsAdoness at Frost  (New)
Skirt - Lolita Denim SkirtAmerican Bazaar at Bodify  (New) 
Leg tattoo - FairytaleVestigium 
Boots - Regency - Suede Bax  (New)