Saturday, 14 December 2013

Thinking Of You

Ello Peeps!

And a happy Saturday to ya'll.

Avoiding the studio again, I thought I'd take todays posty pic in my gorgeous tree-house, as I very rarely get to use it!

The cute lil hoody I have on is on offer this weekend for GFW, I loves anything with ears attached so I had to wear this!
Also my lil friend who cant miss a photo opp, is - of course - Sid (What sloth cant be called Sid right?) He attaches to your head, but I rezzed him for this pic - hes a cuteh, and was on offer yesterday for Fifty Linden Friday, I'm gonna let him live in my tree-house as a perm house-guest :D

Treehouse - Dreamer's 
Sloth - A Head SlothTheosophy (New) 
Hoody - If I Were A Panda @ Dethly Designs at Jersey Shore  (For GFW) 
Hairpieces - GURA21 & KBO906 BooN 
Knickers - Strings For Phat AzzRunaway 
Socks - Toeless Socks - Pack 1 Forever Young 
Beads - Pearlie Girlie Jizz BeadsHollipocket