Thursday, 5 December 2013

Toasty Warmy

Hey Muffins <3

Something pretty and warm for this post, as its the perfect excuse to wear another set of Forever Young's adorable Ear Muffs! Plus the toasty warmy tights which are also by Forever Young. Both are only available at The Winter Trend.
The 1 Hundred dress is also perfect as its both warm AND cute - result!
(The dress was a past release for She & Him, but is now available at the mainstore)

Hair - Kira - Iceberg Wasabi Pills at The Arcade (New-Gatcha - Rare)
Ear Muffs - Snuggle Buddies - Pink Bunny @ Forever Young at Winter Trend  (New-Gatcha - Rare) 
Skull Necklace - LoveSkull{Free} on MP 
Necklaces - Babette - Ivory Maxi Gossomer 
Dress - Cozy Nights - Lilac 1 Hundred 
Gloves - Octopus Mittens - White 8f8 at The Arcade (New - Gatcha) 
Tights - Ivy Tights @ Forever Young at Winter Trend (New) 
Belly Chains - Babette Hip Chains - Ivory Maxi Gossomer 
Shoes - Demi Boots - WhiteSlink