Saturday, 11 January 2014


Hey Peepsicles <3

We gots some more sexiness by Bishes Inc for todays posty \o/
This hot lil number comes in 14 colours, with appliers for Tango boobehs and Phat Azzes - sexeh!

Horns - My Rich Horns - Raven UtopiaH 
Hair - Bijou Hair - Monsoon Tableau Vivant
Eyes - Lapse - ClearEllabella 
Ears - Fantasy Elf Ears Mandala  (New) 
Piercing - Jondrette Piercing - BlackThings 
Choker - Queen Anna ChokerPhoebe's Piercings at Rascal St Sales Room (New) 
Rosary Tattoo - Rosary Sin PerveTTe at Silicone   (New) 
Necklaces - Babette Maxi Gossomer 
Wings - Holy Chibis Wings - Black (Rare) @ Hollipocket at OMG (New) 
Arm Cuffs - Vandarial Arm - AstralThe Plastik 
Dress - Cut Out Dress - SilverBishes Inc at The Azz Show (New) 
Torso /Hand Tattoo - Virgin Your Cocain 
Bracelets - Hoop Mesh Bracelets - Metal PackBens Beauty 
 Garter - Holy Holli GarterHollipocket 
Lower Leg Strap - Ladies Secret GunDirtyland 
Stockings - Fishnet Stockings For Phat Azz {Vision} - S&F (New) 
Shoes -  Era - Black Tara Shoes