Thursday, 30 January 2014


Ello Loves!

There was no posty yesterday, as Wifeh was back in SL after a long time having no interweb. She demanded I spend my time with her and I, being the good wifeh, reluctantly agreed :o/ 
Actually thats a lie - I was more than happy to spend my evening with her, shes a bit of a loon, and makes me lol like I'm on drugs

Anyhoo, so heres yesterdays posty - today :D

Hairbow -  Creamy Bow - Blue {free} on MP 
Hair - Sandy - Hud 3 CaTwA (New) 
Glasses - Reader Glasses @ Acid & Mala on MP 
Earrings/Bracelets/Belly Chain/Rings - Cuff Me Handcuff Set Pomposity (New)  
Necklace - Cuff Me Handcuff Necklace Pomposity at The Hipster Fair  (New) 
Necklaces - Babette @ Maxi Gossamer 
Top - Jui J Top - Pack 6Hollipocket at The Booboes Show  (New)  
Gloves - Jui J Gloves - White @ Hollipocket at Bodify  (New) 
Skirt -  Fincha Skirt - Moonglow @ Hucci 
Tattoo - Dream Catcher @ Tabou Irrestible at The Hipster Fair (New) 
Leg Strap - Hipi Legband - White (Rare) @ Tabou Irrestible at The Hipster Fair (New) 
Boots - Quinn Kneehighs - White @ Slink  (New)