Friday, 24 January 2014

Keep On Hatin'

Ello again 'Shroomys <3

Sooooo I decided to have mah G & T's at the computer and do a lil more blogging, lol, as I was in the mood and tomorrow looks set to be a lil busy RL-wise, soooooo. . . . . .

Here we have some sexy new releases by Tabou Irrestible over at The Hipster Fair.
The tattoo comes in a tattoo layer, and includes appliers for Tango boobs and Phat Azzes \o/
The shorts come in 3 grungey denims and also include Phat Azz appliers <3
And finally the leg strap is a gatcha prize - the rare, and also comes in a white version - also rare. The commons are gorgeous pastel feather earrings I will show in another post :D

Hair - Lisa - Candy @ Ploom 
Earrings - Ember Earrings - Black @ Things 
Top - Hi Haters - Red @ Jelly at Bewbapalooza  (New)
Belly Chain - Chain Belt @ Glow Studio  (New)
Hand Tattoo - Stars @ Your Cocain 
Cig & Pack - Ultimate Cigarette @ Hermony 
Pocket Pet  - Bunny Pocket Pet @ Birdy at Chapter Four 
Shorts - Short Jean - Dark Blue @ Tabou Irrestible at The Hipster Fair (New)
Leg Strap - Hip Legband - Black (Rare) @ Tabou Irrestible at The Hipster Fair  (New)
Sneakers - Street Style Sneakers - Black Sequin @ Xpression 
Pandas - Panda Straps @ Alter Ego 
Location - Virtual Decay