Saturday, 4 January 2014


Ello Babettes <3

Time for something a lil different, and this is one of the reasons I so love SL, you can go from cute and girly one minute, to demon nightstalker the next!

DRD have the most fantastic fantasy legs, and horns out at OMG.
The legs come in a ton of colours, but if you're lucky and get one of the rares you will also get the face makeup, body makeup, face horns, and nails. The rare sets come in black or red.
The horns are in a seperate gatcha, but also come in a ton of colours, these beauties I'm wearing here are rare, and there are also ultra rares to try for.
The gorgeous skin is by Mystic Canvas, and  appliers for Tango, Phat Azz & Slink hands and feet are included.
I was super glad to be able to pull out my Plastik Vandarial Armour from the depths of my inventory, as these sets are just wicked. They include the shoulder/chest piece, arm pieces, skirt,  and waist piece. Texture change huds for skirt texture and gem colours are also included.
Nice to explore the dark side :D

Horns - Draconian Dark (Rare) @ DRD at OMG  (New)
Hair - Gretta - Fantasy Pack @ Tameless  (New) 
Skin - Hera Pale - PinksMystic Canvas at OMG (New)
Eyes / Piercing - Lapse - Clear Ellabella 
Armour - Vandarial Armour - Malachite The Plastik 
Makeup/Nails/Face Horns/Legs - Creature legs - Eternal Darkness (Rare) @ DRD at OMG  (New)