Friday, 17 January 2014

There's Always A Silver Lining

Ellooooo & Happy Friday Peeps!

To kick off our weekend of shopping Nirvana, we have a couple brand spanking new items from the hawt Hollipocket \o/
The first of Hollipockets new releases is this cute lil Dress at The Azz Show. The dress comes in a pack of 3, and there are 7 packs to choose from. Appliers For Phat Azz and tango are included \o/ 
The second is cute lil gloves for Slink hands (plus system glove layers), these are a gatcha item at Bodify, and there are 24 colours to play for, at only 35L you can build your own mini fatpack :D
Also at Bodify, Forever Young have a new release out. Sexy garters for both Phat Azz and system panty layers, the garters come in packs of 2, a black set, and a white. Both sets have 6 colourways. 

Hair - Ainsley - Light Blondes @ Truth
Ears - Tapered Plugs Ears @ Mandala 
Collar - The Fancy Collar - Black @ Fappy at OMG (Rare)
Necklaces - Babette - Jet & Silver @ Maxi Gossamer  
Dress - Unconditional Love Me's - Set 2 @ Hollipocket at The Azz Show  (New)
Tattoo - DemonAngel @ Vestigium 
Cuffs - Sensation - Black @ Eclipse Art Studio 
Gloves - Jui J's Gloves - Black @ Hollipocket at Bodify   (New)
Mani - Silver Dip Polish @ Zoz
Belly Chains - Babette Hip Chains - Jet & Silver @ Maxi Gossamer 
Garter - Lace Garter - Black Pack @ Forever Young at Bodify (New)
Shoes - Taylor - Silver @ Tara Shoes