Saturday, 18 January 2014

Toasty (& Bye Bye Bewba *Cries*)

Ello Loves!

Hope ya'll enjoying the oh so precious weekend.
Its pretty damn cold here today so Ive chosen to reflect that in todays posty :D Warm jumper, hat, and sockies - toasty! Plus a cute lil Phat Azz skirt by Fappy I found on Marketplace - yay!

A word on the Jumper before we start, as its only currently available at the final *Sobs* round of Bewbapalooza :( Seriously I'm gutted this event is ending as I have been a part of bewba since the beginning, and have always thoroughly enjoyed covering all the fantastic designers. Emms has done a fantastic job with the event, and I cant wait to see what else she has up her sexy sleeves. Thankies Emms, for all you have done, you fkn rocks Babes <33

Hat/Hair - Ginny - Fades @ Tameless  (New) 
Eyes - Lapse - StygianEllabella
Earrings - Ember Earrings - Gold @ Things 
Necklace - Egyptian Necklace - Gold @ Bens Beauty 
Jumper - Vancouver Sweater - Cream @ [Q.E] at Bewbapalooza (New)
Skirt - Pretty Leo Fluff Skirt @ Fappy On MP 
Leg Tattoo - Fly Away Your Cocain at Fi*Fridays   (New)
Socks - Dahlia Socks - Beige @ Maitreya 
Boots - Stagioni - Suede - Sand @ Maitreya