Friday, 28 February 2014

Forever Free

Ello LoveBugs <3

Happy Friiiiidaaaaay!
My fave-fave day of the week has arrived! And its night-time here sooooo I'm sipping a nice cold G&T while I write this!

Sooooo, onto the posty *Hic*

I found a gorgeous new sim to take todays pics, its simple, but so well done, lots of photo opportunities, and really nice and quiet, I think there were 3 of us on the sim at any one time, so deffo take the slurl with the credits below if youre a blogger or just like takin piccies :D

As for the outfit, *swoons*
The jeans themselves are mesh and include cuffed, no cuffed and boots options. They come in a range of washes at the Cynful Mainstore - but - and heres the exciting bit - one of Cynful's exclusives for WCF are the add on for the jeans. The add on is a textureless (meaning you have to already own the mesh jeans) component which allows you to wear the sexy mesh jeans, with thigh high boots - jean-ius yes? (ya see wot I did there?)
Also at WCF Forever Young have sexy lil tanks out too <3 The tanks come in 2 packs, and each pack includes 6 colours on clothing layers, plus appliers for Phat Azz on under/pants and Tango/Mirage boobs \o/

Hair - Tanya - Blondes @ Wasabi Pills 
Earrings - Haley Star Hoops - Black @ Atooly at Suicide Dollz 
Piercings - Chimerical & Disarray 
Necklaces - A Thousand Times Death @ Goth1c0 at WCF3 (WCF Opens Tomorrow!)
Tattoo - Rose Tattoo @ Zentro at WCF3 (WCF Opens Tomorrow!)
Cuffs - Orichalcum Flower Bracelets @ Eclipse Art Studio 
Rings - Sexy & Bitch 
Both @ Whatever 
Top - Long Tanks - Darks @ Forever Young at WCF3 (WCF Opens Tomorrow!)
Jeans - Skinny Jeans - Bleached Blue @ Cynful
Jeans Add On - Skinny Jeans - Overknee Add On @ Cynful at WCF3 - (WCF Opens Tomorrow!)
Boots - Thigh High Boots - Metal Snake @ Maitreya at Collabor88
Location - Roche