Friday, 14 February 2014


Hellooooooo Love Bugs!!!

Happy Friday \o/  But most importantly Happy Valentines Day!!! (Unless of course you are happily single, in which case, Valentines day and all its cheesy love shit can fuck right off right? - OMFG I said cheesy love shit, that sounds sooo wrong - lmfao, but imma keep it in!)

Anyhoooo, I will be spending the night with my Lovely Hubbly drinking copius amounts of Pink Champagne while admiring my new diamond bracelet, sitting in a bubble bath, surrounded by . . . . . .  Oh who am I kiddin? I'll prolly be presented with a cheap bottle of rose, a  wilted bunch of the nearest supermarkets last remaining roses, and a card that says "Lets Have Sex"! **

So here is my twist on a Valentines day posty :D
The wicked mesh heart on a stake is a group gift from Pomposity, and is perfect for all the anti-Valentiners, or for those who just fancy sporting a heart on a stake :D 
The beauts dress is a new release by Bens Boutique and is available in 3 colours, its mesh, and although cant be worn with appliers, is still goddamn hawt right? 

** P.S My Hub isnt QUITE that bad - yet.


Tiara - Angel Wings - Gold @ Phoebe's Piercings at Thrift Shop  (New)
Hair - Andromeda - Naturals @ Tameless  (New)
Eyes - Lapse - Clear @ Ellabella 
Makeup - Aleria Makeups - Geisha - Gold @ The Plastik 
Ears - Steking Ears @ Mandala 
Piercing - Disarray @ Cute Poison 
Dress - Cleopatra Dress- White @ Bens Boutique on MP (New) 
Arm Cuffs/Anklets - Vandarial Armour - Bones (Part Of A Set) @ The Plastik 
Bracelets - Rayne - White/Gold @ Bens Beauty  (New) 
Rings - Angel Wings - Gold @ Phoebe's Piercings at Thrift Shop  (New)
Heart Stake - My Bloody Valentine @ Pomposity  (Group Gift) (New) 
Shoes - Jacmel Pump - Prime Pack @ Hucci