Thursday, 6 February 2014

Tempted By Fate

Hello again Darlings <3

Well I have chosen my home to take todays pics, as I had gone venturing out to find somewhere pretty, but everywhere I went it was either too laggy, or full of weirdos, sooo I came back home and took em here haa.

Anyhooo, the hawt lil outfit is a brand new release by {Vision}-S&F at the Legal Insanity Expo. The outfit includes gorgeous fluffeh scarf, mesh top, belt,  and sexeh leather pants. Id completely forgotten ya can look this cute without implants! The Expo opens on Feb 7th.
Also in more news - Bens Beauty have wicked lil mesh bangles out for The With Love Fair . They come in black and brown sets, and each sets includes silver and gold versions. The fair also opens on Feb 7th <3 

Hair - Mesh Bunhawk - Hud 03 @ CaTwA
Sunglasses - Divine Sunglasses @ Je Suis 
Piercing - Vaeface @ Ellabella 
Outfit - Viagio @ {Vision} - S&F at Legal Insanity Expo  (Begins 7th Feb) (New)
Bangles - Warrior Bracelets - Black Bens Beauty at The With Love Fair   (Begins 7th Feb) (New)
Mani - Animal Print - Gold Polish @ Zoz 
Shoes - Newell Heels - Black @ Candydoll  (New)