Saturday, 15 March 2014

Don't Leave Me Waiting

Elloo me Lil Loves!

Well, yes I knowww there was no post yesterday, but I promise I had a good reason! Brother fixed up my new graphics card - woooo!!  ( Cos I am a complete noob when it comes to that sort of thing.  He does try to teach me, but I'm afraid it all goes over my head :o/ )
Anyhoo, shiny new graphics mean shiny new. . . er. . . shadows! Lol.
Ive not been able to fully harness the SL shadow malarky, as it really stretched my previous graphics cards, but this one really seems to handle it all well. Now, I do have a lil bit to learn about using em, and will have some fun playing with all the windlights/settings so bear with me, and I'm sure I'll get the hang of it all :D (Oi you at the back - stop laughing - I WILL!)

Hair - Judy - Red Amber D!va at Collabor88 (New) 
Choker - Cathia Mesh Bow Tie @ Phoebe's Piercings 
Necklace - Metal 7G Gold @ RYCA at WCF  (New - Exclusive)
Arm Cuff - Armbands - Love @ Muka  
Dress (Includes Belt) - Rocca - Black @ {Vision} - S&F  (New)
Bracelets (Multi) - Lila Bracelets - Silver @ Bens Beauty   (New  - Exclusive )
Bracelets (Chunky) - Cuban DP - Cross @ RYCA at WCF  (New - Exclusive)
Hand Tattoo - Love Your Cocain at Fi*Fridays  (New)
Ring - Square Ring - Gold & Black Bens Beauty 
Manicure For Slinks - All About Lace @ S H O C K at WCF (New - Exclusive)
Shoes (For Slinks High Feet) - Gossa - Grey @ Candydoll at WCF  (New - Exclusive)