Thursday, 27 March 2014

Somebody's Watchin Me

(And an old friend returns :D )

Ello Loves!

One of my oldest SL friends, has come back into SL after like, a 3 year break, and bless her, its like shes a noob again.
When ya here all the time, all the changes that happen, you adapt to day by day, but when you see someone return from such a long break, it just shows how much has changed over the years. She didn't know about mesh, or how the new fangled boxes are opened now! And even the basics of the new viewers have been a mission for her to get used to. (She'd also lost her Ao so was dancin around the grid in order to not walk like a day old noob!) but OMG has it been a trip watching her get used to SL again, take this for example, her trying to use her gestures::  I STFG she made me laugh till I cried and couldn't breathe ::
DeeDrop : yus
DeeDrop : /yus
DeeDrop : ahh
DeeDrop : ahh]
DeeDrop : ahhh
DeeDrop : ffs
βяσσƙşтεя : lmao
βяσσƙşтεя : dee ya killin me
DeeDrop : /ahh
DeeDrop: ah
DeeDrop: ahhh
DeeDrop : ahh]
DeeDrop : :/
DeeDrop : theyve all turned off
βяσσƙşтεя : no, ya in my IM so they wont work ya loon
βяσσƙşтεя : im dyin
DeeDrop: hahahahahahahahaa
DeeDrop : ffs]
DeeDrop: omfg
βяσσƙşтεя : lol im cryin

Dee - its so fuckin good to have ya back babe- we've missed ya <33

So onto the look of the day :D
Newness by Forever Young, Lil Lace & Runaway <3

Hair - Nicki V2 @ Runaway at The Rock Attitude Fashion Fair (New) (Opens March 29th)
Hairbows - Candy Bows - BlackLicorice & Bubblegum (Rare) @ Pretty Liar 
Necklace - Pearlie Girlie Jizz Beads @ Hollipocket
Top - Daily Halter - Pink @ Lil Lace (New)
Belly Chain - Diamond Studded Belly Chain @ Pomposity
Hand Tattoo - Virgin @ Your Cocain
Bracelets - Pearlie Girlie Jizz Beads @ Hollipocket
Rings - Melissa Rings - Pink - Silver pack @ Bens Beauty
Shorts - Shorties @ Forever Young at Bodify  (New)
Leg Strap - Love Hurts  (New)
Leg Strap - Amore  (New) 
Boots -Triumph Boots @ Gos